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White Supremacists Still Exist. Here's What White Parents Can Do About It.

Mar, 15 Ago 2017 - 16:30
How to raise kids who stand up for what is right.

Family Rewrites 'In Da Club' To Celebrate Back-To-School Season

Mar, 15 Ago 2017 - 10:12
"In Da Tub" sums up the sweet freedom and jubilation parents feel on the first day of school.

High School Sparks Outrage For Omitting Gay Teens' Yearbook Quotes

Mar, 15 Ago 2017 - 10:08
An administrator says the move wasn't intended "to offend or hurt anyone."

3 Reasons Why #ThisIsNotUs Is Problematic

Mar, 15 Ago 2017 - 09:02
When we allow racism to exist, we become racism.

This Is How White Supremacists Get Radicalized

Lun, 14 Ago 2017 - 21:16
Fears of "white genocide" weigh heavy on their minds, experts on extremism say.

Charter School Advocates Play The Race Card

Lun, 14 Ago 2017 - 05:30
Eva “New York City Charter Queen” Moskowitz likes to use the race card against opponents claiming charter school advocates

Charlottesville: The One Truth Trump Will Not Speak

Dom, 13 Ago 2017 - 12:16
When I was a freshman in a parochial school in Louisiana in the early 1960s, Father Elsner, my English teacher, assigned

As Teachers, We Are Responsible For James Alex Fields Jr.

Dom, 13 Ago 2017 - 10:24
We own this man. He is our failure.

Not All Sides Are Right

Dom, 13 Ago 2017 - 09:45
It is hard to convince a young kid to be hopeful in a world where white supremacists are recognized as just “another side” of our national debate about equality.

Here's What College Students Really Want On Their Back-To-School Shopping Lists

Vie, 11 Ago 2017 - 15:03
Is it really a dorm room if it doesn't have LED string lights?

Sexual Assault Survivors React To Steubenville Rapist Joining Their College’s Football Team

Vie, 11 Ago 2017 - 13:36
Ma'lik Richmond recently walked on to Youngstown State University's football team.

Why Does The Trump Administration Have Such Terrible Spelling?

Vie, 11 Ago 2017 - 11:45
It's almost starting to seem like Trump hasn't been hiring the "best people."

Another Side Of The Evergreen State College Story

Vie, 11 Ago 2017 - 09:15
10 realities about the campus tumult that are being ignored.

How Charter Schools Buy Political Support

Jue, 10 Ago 2017 - 05:25
In Florida, the Miami Herald calls state ethics laws a “joke” for “failing to protect Floridians from legislators who profit

28 Hilarious Comics That Sum Up Life As A Teacher

Mié, 09 Ago 2017 - 10:25
Irish teacher Colm Cuffe draws his daily struggles and funny experiences with kids.

How To Stop Procrastinating

Mar, 08 Ago 2017 - 17:36
Procrastination is the vile habit that impedes all of us from achieving anything in a timely manner. In a world where we

5 Ways Tech Might Be Eroding Your Kids' Manners, Empathy And More

Mar, 08 Ago 2017 - 14:57
How many of us have witnessed a teacher, coach, or grandparent try to make conversation with kids who can’t unglue their eyes from a screen?

Why 800,000 American Lives Are At Risk

Mar, 08 Ago 2017 - 13:41
Our lives are in the balance as long as DACA is under attack.

A Judge Is About To Rule Whether Banning Mexican-American Studies Is Constitutional

Mar, 08 Ago 2017 - 04:46
Arizona Republicans accused teachers of stoking racial discord. But the law they passed in response may violate the Constitution.